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Beautifully Crafted Natural Inspired texture and colour plant pot (grower pots, garden planter, flower pot) that is light and portable.
Water Minder

Close observation and good judgment are essential for proper house plant watering. These grower or flower pots' growing conditions vary from home to home and room to room due to variations in light, temperature (day and night) and humidity.

These grower or flower pots have an intricate self-watering system that, in an indoor environment, refeeds water to the plant via its roots. The system has a bottom reservoir in which water accumulates and allows the plant to grab refreshment when needed.

The water-minder disk is attached to the bottom of the plant pot and secured by a peg in the middle, assuring a tight fit so the water feature does not free itself from the garden planter.

For Outdoor Use

Remove the rubber plug at the bottom of the garden planter so water can drain freely as to avoid overwatering and unwanted amount of water that could drown of impair the health of the plant. Simply slide the plug into the top of the planter for safekeeping, in the event the plant is eventually moved indoors.

Suggestions for Watering

There are different methods that people use, some just look at the soil to determine if its dry or not. If its dry the soil is usually pale and crumbly, if wet then the soil is dark. Some people push on the soil with their fingers to feel the moisture in the soil. Feel the soil in the planter. If the soil is moist, the plant will not need more water. If the soil is dry, add small amount of water. DO NOT OVERWATER.