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Latex Stimulant - an effective, proven and economical yield stimulant on rubber tree plant


Yield stimulation with Ethephon is a routine practice on rubber trees tapped on panels BO-1, BO-2, B1-1, B1-2, and high panels HO-1 to 4 in most of the rubber tree plantations and rubber tree smallholdings.

Ethephon Plus is an alternative ready to use yield stimulant for planting rubber trees. It is an all new formulation, which is distinctive and different from other currently available Ethephon formulation in the rubber industry. The formulation incorporates additives which would improve the efficacy of Ethephon, enhance the trees tolerance to Ethephon stimulations and promote sustenance of yield responses over the long term The price are very competitive and comparable to that of other Ethephon formulation currently available in the market, thus giving the end user a yield advantage without having to pay more or incur higher costs.

Methods of Application

Apply 0.5gm Ethephon Plus Latex Stimulant evenly onto the tapping groove or rubber tree lace (if difficult to remove) preferably using a small artist brush of about 1 cm width. Ethephon Plus should also cover the innermost part of the tapping groove, and part of the above panel.

Ethephon Plus is applied on a day when the rubber tree is not tapped and when there is no rain. However if there should be rain interference within 12 hours of application it is best to re-apply to ensure effective yield response.

* DO NOT apply Ethephon Plus during wintering period.

Benefits of Using Pre-Prepared Ready-To-Apply Ethephon Plus Formulation
  1. The concentration to be applied will be precise and consistent since it is well mixed uniformly in the carrier that is used in the ready to apply formulation.
  2. There would be no separation of the stimulant from the carrier during storage since it would be thoroughly mixed in the factory.
  3. Wastage would be very minimal. The exact amount to be applied can be measured and given to workers or the number of trees to be applied per container would be exact.    
  4. The consistency and viscosity of the formulation is assured since it is factory-prepared, unlike formulations prepared by dilution of higher concentrations with carriers such as palm oil.
  5. Uniformity of response would be guaranteed without marked variation in yield response between trees which would not be possible with formulations prepared in the field.
  6. Constant stirring of the formulation will not be necessary throughout period of application in the field because there will be no separation.
Technical Specifications of Active Ingredient, Ethephon
  1. The chemical name for Ethephon is 2-Chloroethyl phosphonic acid Chemical fomula: CICH₂CH₂PO(CH)₂
  2. Physical properties of Ethephon
    - Melting point at 74 - 75⁰ Celcius.
    - Aqueous solutions stable below pH 3.5
    - Very stable under ambient conditions when formulated in suitable carrier.
  3. LD50 orally in rats: 4,229 mg/kg.
  4. Uses: As a Plant Growth Regulator and as an effective yield stimulant of Hevea brasiliensis (rubber trees) when applied along the groove of the tapping cut, on the tree lace or below the tapping cut at recommended concentration and dosage.
  5. Type of formulation: Water-based gel or paste.
  6. Ethephone Plus formulation has been analysed by the Analytical Chemistry Division of the Malaysian Rubber Board to confirm that the active ingredient in the formulation is Ethephon and of the specified concentration