GREEN PLUS - the complete bio-booster liquid nutrient for foliar application on rubber seedlings and other crops.

GREEN PLUS is a foliar liquid nutrient formulation for enhancing vegetative growth and vigour of rubber seedlings and budding.

GREEN PLUS can markedly increase plant growth rate and vigour. It increases chlorophyll production that enhances higher rate of photosynthesis and carbohydrate production.

GREEN PLUS has the advantage of promoting early establishment in the field with minimal percentage of failure. The treated plants develop efficient capacity to utilize nutrients available in the soil by developing a robust root system.


  • Mix 30-40ml of Green Plus to every 18 litres of water for spraying budded rubber seedlings in the nursery weekly intervals.
  • Spray the mixture at the first bud emergence.
  • Green Plus is sprayed on foliage till run-off. A knapsack sprayer of 18 litres can cover about 5,000 seedling plants.
  • Green Plus is applied as a supplement booster to the normal fertilizer programme as per recommended schedule and dosage.
  • Spray in early morning or late afternoon. The spray should be free from rain for at least 2-3 hours.


An effective & potential folier nutrient for rubber nurseries

Benefits of GREEN PLUS:

  • Promotes formation of healthy, green foliage/ canopy.
  • Increase chlorophyll content of leaves and photo synthetic activity.
  • Enhances shoot growth.
  • Promotes stronger rooting system.
  • Minimizes pest and disease attack.
  • Enhances tolerance to environmental stresses.
  • Promotes uniformity in a given population of seedlings/budding
  • Minimizes need for extensive culling.
  • Achieves faster field establishment with minimal failure rate and initial boost in growth.