The Enriched Foliar Nutrient Formulation For Enhanced Growth & Vigour of Vegetables, Fruits trees and ornamentals.

Beneficial Effects of Green Plus
The nutrient efficacy of Green Plus is observed when applied in very low concentrations directly on the foliage of young plants.

  1. GREEN PLUS promotes formation of a healthy, dark green foliage/canopy in treated plants.
  2. GREEN PLUS stimulates chlorophyll synthesis in the leaves resulting in enhanced rate of photosynthesis and carbohydrate production for rapid growth and vigour of treated plants.
  3. GREEN PLUS induces efficient absorption of nutrients from the soil by promoting root growth and strengthening the plant root system.
  4. GREEN PLUS is enriched with a naturally derived plant growth promoter that can markedly increase plant growth rate and secure early maturity of treated plants.
Guidelines on use
  1. Mix 40 ml of Green Plus to every 18 litres of water for spraying jatropha seedlings in the nursery or young plants in the field at fortnightly intervals.
  2. Mix 10 ml Green Plus to every 3-4 litres of water and apply weekly intervals to plants in both nursery and field, ornamental plants, leafy and fruit vegetables, and wayside trees.
  3. Mix 20-40 ml of Green Plus to every 18 litres of water for spraying common fruit crops and flowering plants. Spray twice at inflorescence initiation.
Providing the potent foliar nutrient to achieve quality produce

GREEN PLUS foliar fertilizer is a revolutionary new foliar nutrient bio-enriched to promote rapid absorption into plant tissues for fast growth and development. It provides a complex mixture of macro-nutrients. Essential micro-nutrients, fortified with naturally derived growth-promoting phyto-chemicals for stimulating vegetative growth of a broad spectrum of plants and plantation crops.

Green Plus foliar fertilizer works as a specialized nutrient for rapid development of healthy, dark green foliage/canopy and enhanced chlorophyll production. This in turn increase the rate of photosynthesis and carbohydrate production needed for rapid growth and vigour treated plants.

Green Plus foliar fertilizer induces more nutrients absorption from the soil by improving root growth and strengthening the root system.

Who should use the product?

Plantation managers, commercial growers of vegetables and fruit crops, horticulturists, entrepreneurs in production of forest trees, herbs and ornamentals and agricultural extension agencies.