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A phytohormone complex specially formulated to induce and promote rooting

Beneficial Effects of Treatment with plantone-R
  1. The phytohormone complex formulation consists of specific plant growth regulators which are known to induce root formation in budding and cuttings of plants.
  2. The adjuvant an co-factors present in the formulation enhance the effect of these phytohormones on root formation thus resulting in copious root formation in treated budded stumps. Advanced planting materials and cuttings.
  3. The copious root formation induced by Plantone-R will promote survival of budded stump, advanced planting material and cuttings, minimized transplanting shock and ensure greater field planting success with reduced need for replanting due to failures.
  4. Plantone-R is a proven and effective tool for rapid vegetative propagation of plants and for successful raising of huge quantity of planting materials of a chosen plant species for field planting, when abundance of planting materials are needed.
  5. The rapid and copious formation of roots induced by Plantone-R will result in stimulation of early bud break, thus promoting fast formation of healthy shoots and leaves on treated cuttings.
  6. The increased root density at the initial stages after field planting will help to boots early growth and vigor of the buddings and cuttings. It will also enable the buddings and cuttings to better withstand environmental stresses.
  1. The bare root budded stumps of rubber, cuttings of various timber species, ornamental plants and wayside tree stumps are dipped at one end directly in the aqueous Plantone-R formulation.
  2. The dipping should be a few minutes until the bark is well coated with a film of the rooting hormone formulation and there is “run – off” when the budding or cutting is withdrawn from the Plantone-R formulation.
  3. The dipped end of the budded stump or cutting is then air-dried until no-run off.
  4. Then plant the treated stump to the required depth in the soil in appropriate sized polybags.
  5. The polybags should be kept under shade and not exposed to direct sunlight.
  6. They should also be watered twice a day, in the morning and evening to realize the full benefits of Plantone-R treatment.
  7. The interval in days between treatment and root initiation will vary according to the species of plant treated.
  8. Plantone-R can also be used for rejuvenation old Cocoa plants stimulating new root formation.

If the dry powder formulations are used, budded stumps of rubber, cuttings of various timber species, ornamental plants and way side tree strumps are firstly dipped at one end in water and the wet is then dipped in the dry powder formulation of Plantone-R. The treated end is the immediately planted into the soil.

Description of Product

Plantone-R is a special formulation of phytohormone complex to induce rooting in budded stumps and cuttings of perennial plants. It contains a complex mixture of plant growth substances, adjuvants and co-factors to induce and promote copious root formulation in budded stumps cutting and advanced planting materials of rubber, fruit trees, various timber species, ornamental plants and wayside trees. It is a stable ready mixed formulation and easy to use on budded stamps, advanced planting materials and cuttings. The product is available in different strengths base on variations concentrations of the active ingredient to suit the specific requirements of a particular plant/crop. It is also available in dry powder formulation as per required concentration.