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"Result from the trial showed that there were no significant differences in some of the vegetative parameters recorded between the Maxi Grow Control Release Fertiliser and Felda Standard Practise treatments."

Mr. Suhaidi Hamzah
Chief Executive Officer
Felda Agricultural Services Sdn Bhd

Product: Maxigrow CRF

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"I noticed that after using BioPest Repellent, I am able to control the wild boar and porcupine damage to my plants.  The pests attacked on the seedlings not painted with Bio Pest Repellent whereas those seedlings painted were not disturbed.  I take this opportunity to thank Greenyield for introducing this useful chemical." 

Mr. Benedict Jamalin
Sinu Plantation, Miri Sarawak Malaysia

Product: Greenyield BioPest Repellent

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"The rubber plants that applied with Green Plus G2 are more resistant to leaf disease and their leaves are more greenish and healthier in look."

Ang Chin Joo Nursery, Gurun Kedah Malaysia

Product: Green Plus G2 foliar fertilizer


"I'm very convinced with Greenyield Maxigrow and Greenplus product.  Less labour utilised and can see the differences between the plants with and without MaxiGrow CRF.  The plant with MaxiGrow are more greener and bigger compare to the plants using normal/other fertilizer (CCM).
With Greenplus foliar fertilizer, the plants are healthier by taking more nutrients from the soil resulting in good growth. It is a good product for my nursery."

KLPK Oil Palm Nursery, Kulim Kedah Malaysia 

Product: MaxiGrow CRF, Green Plus G2 foliar fertilizer



"Greenyield products have been good to improve the growth of the plants after applying.  The yellowish obviously become greenish, new shoots are growing and flowering more."

Emerald Vista Landscape, Puchong

Product: Maxigrow CRF, Green Plus, Frumone, Crop Plus Potting Mix, BioPest Repellent.

"I noticed the trial after one month, the trees stout were with more flowering 
and fruiting."

Mr. Law
Dragon Farm Sepang

Product: Frumone


"I'm happy and satisfied with Greenyield products.  After applying Plant Healing Compund, recovery of exposed surfaces treated with plant healing compound gave faster and more uniform regrowth or new bark formation.  This is useful for treatment on minor damages to stems/ branches of trees, up to severe damages of over 60-70% can be considered.

The Potting Mix enhanced vigoruos growth of flowering plants and ornamental shrubs/trees.  The application of Crop Plus Potting Mix also resulted in vigoruos undergrowth of weeds and thus giving rise to weeding constraints if there is labour shortage."

Legoland Nursery and Landscape
Legoland Malaysia Resort

Product: Plant Healing Compound, Crop Plus Potting Mix

"It appears good growth after applying Green Plus and Crop Plus Potting Mix with more flowers blossoming."

Planter's Haven Nilai,
Sime Darby Property Berhad.

Product: Green Plus, Frumone, Crop Plus Potting Mix