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Total Plantation Solutions Provider for the next generation entrepreneurs.

Retaining our heritage and redefining new values, Greenyield has established a name as a trusted brand in the rubber plantation world. Our Past R & D has embraced itself as a total solution provider on cost effective technologies for functional operational viability, productivity enhancement and plantation technological consultancy services. Greenyield is ready to provide efficient and environmental friendly technology to meet the 21st century challenges of Green Plantations.

Our R & D Mission:

Continuous dedication to Product Enhancement Innovation and Quality Control.

Quality Product Assurance:

Quality counts. High priority is placed on premium quality product enhancement and development technology to overcome existing shortfalls of market products as well as to meet customers’ aspirations at both upstream and midstream levels of plantation activities. That is why we have an in-house laboratory and chemist on target-specific quality control of all the production processes.

Process Enhancement Innovation

Latest Agritech innovations is incorporated in the development of agricultural productivity processes for efficiency and effectiveness of research products to meet the needs of the commercial market niches. We pioneer and innovate to achieve product excellence.

Products Developed:

  • Patented applicator 
  • User-friendly and cost effective Gaseous Stimualtion System
  • Liquid stimulation such as Ethephon Plus
  • Hitech Agricultural chemicals such as Wound Healing Compound, Plantone–R, Plantone, Frumone and Green Plus.
  • Biopesticide for household and plantation pest deterrents
  • Crop Plus Organic Fertilizer.

Greenyield continues to pioneer in design, manufacturing and marketing of rubber tapping utensils; plastic and wood related products, ranging from latex cups to plastic kitchenware.

Greenyield conducts its R & D activites internally and through collaboration with third parties. We have a dedicated team of experienced researchers for in-house R & D activities.