Quick healing of tapping panel of treated rubber trees

Description of Products

A specially formulated premium quality petroleum jelly incorporating selected phyto-hormones that promote cell division and rapid tissue regeneration in treated plants. The special formulation enables easy application, effectiveness over long periods and rainfastness for maximum effect on treated tissues.

  1. It is an ideal plant healing dressing for tapping panel and bark wounds caused either by bad tapping, accidental slashing or by animal feeding on the bark.
  2. It can be easily applied by painting the RCP Plant Healing Compound directly on the affected parts of the bark.
  3. It can also be applied on exposed surfaces on tree trunks after pruning of the immature trees or on tress with broken or snapped branches due to rain or wind storms.
  4. It is an excellent plant healing compound for damaged ornamental trees, cocoa plants and various commercial timber species such as teak, sentang and khaya.
Beneficial Effects
  1. It assists in the quick healing of wounds by promoting formation of new cell and tissue regeneration over the wounded surfaces of affected trees.
  2. It provides protection to the exposed wounded surface by preventing infection of various fungi or attack by various insect or animal pests.
  3. In rubber trees where wood tissue are exposed due to bad tapping, the application of the plant healing compound will facilitate uniform bark regeneration over the badly tapped surfaces of the panel; thus enabling normal tapping in future on the newly regenerated panels.